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Participants of the game, divided into groups of 7-8 people, are tasked with discovering the secrets of Gdansk hidden between the medieval walls. Each group will receive maps, sheets of paper and pens, and then go on a journey, during which they will have to find answers to the questions of Pirate Jacob. He himself must test whether all participants deserve to stay in this thousand-year-old city. In the course of the game, the participants will learn about, among other things: the places of the Gdansk market, where taxes were paid, measure goods with old Danzig measures, see where rich merchants lived, and much more.

Each team will receive the necessary attributes for the game: answer sheets, maps, pads and pens. Then the teams will have to team up and compete with the rest of the participants.

The game is great for school trips, colonies. Youngsters can discover Gdansk in an interesting way. Suggested for children over 13 years old.

Secrets of Medieval Gdansk

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