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Stutthof is the longest-operating Concentration Camp in what is now Poland. It was created for Poles from the Pomerania region in order to get rid of the Polish intelligentsia and to Germanize the Poles in the area. Later it also took part in the "Last Solution of the Jewish Question" action. 110,000 prisoners passed through its gates, 65 of whom never came out.

My offer includes a guide service from the moment you leave your hotel in Gdansk (or Tricity) with transportation to the Museum and back. We will spend 2 h in the museum (20 minutes of which is a film screening).

The size of transportation is adjusted to the size of the group: from a passenger car to a tour bus.

We only offer tours from the Tri-City to the Museum, where the group is accompanied by a guide and transportation during the entire trip.

Guided tour of the Stutthof Museum. Former German concentration camp

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