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Join us for a journey through post-war Europe and about the changes that took place in it. The Iron Curtain divided the continent in half, and countries in the east were introduced to the communist system. 

The European Solidarity Center in Gdansk tells this story from Poland's point of view, on the site where the Gdansk Shipyard, the center of many strikes and the birth of Solidarity, was once located. It wouldn't be the Europe and Poland we have today if it weren't for the strikes that began in Gdansk. 

Here you can book one/one of us to make your museum tour unforgettable. 

How to book a guide for the European Solidarity Center? 

Send a message through the form below - we usually respond in one day.

We check availability and send you the necessary information.

Guide service starts from 430 PLN/group max. 30 people (depending on the time and language of the tour).

Guide to the European Solidarity Center in Gdansk (ECS)

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