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The world is rushing forward extremely fast, and with it We! I present a city game on mobile devices. The place of the game is one of the three cities of the Tri-City. We divide the participants into teams of 6-7 people, and in each team we need a Smartphone with internet and location (something that practically everyone has now). From then on, we take part in a crazy city game. In addition to learning about the city, participants have to complete integration, logic and general knowledge tasks. The way of answering is also varied, sometimes you just have to write something, and sometimes record a photo or video. Thanks to augmented reality, participants will learn about real figures from Gdansk's history, among others: Jan Hevelius or Lech Walesa (unless they meet him in person!). An extraordinary advantage is that thanks to the photos taken by the participants, after the game we have a ready-made photo gallery, which will be a souvenir for the rest of our lives!

Gdansk's challenge - smartphone game

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