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This is an excellent program for adult tourists in Gdansk who, in addition to seeing the city, want to have a good time. It's also a very good choice for companies that want to take a breather with a little amber drink after a day in the conference room. Gdansk has a very rich brewing tradition, practically from the beginning of our awareness of the existence of the stronghold, beer was brewed here and consumed in great quantities. In the 16th century, 150 people belonged to the brewers' guild, which was unique in this part of Europe. Today, admittedly, the scale is not as great, but local breweries are trying to recreate the historic flavors of Gdansk beer and newer varieties. During the tour, I will take you to three local breweries. In each of them you will taste local beer. In addition, in one of the breweries we will talk to the brewer, and he will show us around, showing us the secrets of the beer he brews. At the end, we will taste one of the most famous Gdansk beers - Jopejski beer, which was produced in his breweries by Jan Hevelius. In between I will tell you about the life of old and new Gdansk. 
You can end the tour with a sumptuous dinner.

Real old Gdansk beer tour

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