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Gdansk has been on the amber route for centuries, and Baltic amber is considered the best fossil resin in the entire world. Today the city is considered the amber capital of the world, and it is even estimated that 60 percent of amber creations come from the city. Beautiful jewelry, cosmetics, healing, mysticism are some of the many uses of amber. Historically, Gdansk was often an important center of the amber industry, but after the war it became a world center again. During the tour you will learn what amber is in general, how it is mined, how to create beautiful stones, where to find it and see some of the most beautiful amber creations around the world. You will see, among other things, the Amber Altar (comparably large to an amber chamber), prehistoric jewelry, modern creations, part of the jewelry making process, all surrounded by the most amber streets.

The tour can be expanded to include additional attractions such as amber fishing on the beach and the remains of an old mine.

Baltic Gold - the Gdansk amber otur

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